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Reppin the woodlock shirt in canada the other day! #woodlock

Avi 3D Greeter Project

Avi 3D Greeter Project

This is a project I’m working on as a prototype for the company REAP. My role is to create the 3D avatar (model, UV unwrap, texture, rigging), animate it and import it into Unity so that it can be used in conjunction with GestureTek and the Kinect One (PC version). The aim is to have a 3D greeter that you can interact with and it will act as a tour guide using hand gestures and skeletal…

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Just another lovely day in spring #ohcanada #snow #spring #crackinmycamera #itsnotspringatall

Dragon Model

This is a render of a dragon I created for a 3D modelling assignment. We had only been using Maya for 6 weeks, this was back in 2011.

Blacksmith Workshop Renders

Here’s some renders from my first ever texturing assessment back in 2011. At this stage we had not learnt how to unwrap the UV’s we simply projected the textures onto the objects we created.

Wagon Textures

Here’s the UV’s and textures from the wagon I created to be used in the Unity engine.

Ragnar Renders

Here are some still renders from “The Hammer Of Ragnar” which was the big animation project I worked on with two other classmates.

Ragnar Textures

Ragnar UV’s Here are the unwrapped and textured UV’s of my Ragnar model. The images are in order of bump map and the texture map.

Wagon Model

Here’s a model of a wagon that I’m working on for a personal game project of mine.

Ragnar The Viking

Ragnar The Viking

Ragnar the Viking

Here is the 3D character I created for my 2013 studio project. I did all the character design, modelling and texturing. These renders are of the model in the textured, ambient occlusion and combined layers respectively.



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