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I found a place in waterloo that sells Vegemite and curly wurly’s! #foodporn #straya #ohcanada

Lego Bridge Creation

This is a bridge I created as part of a job application. Most of the Lego pieces were provided for me but I did hand model a couple. The task was to create a scene using the Lego pieces and it listed a number of options. The bridge was partially inspired by Kaldwin’s Bridge in Dishonored.

Here is how it turned out.

BridgeRenders BridgeRenders3 BridgeRenders2

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Weapon Models

So I decided to finally start modelling some more props to fill out the scene for my Game Portfolio project.

Updates to Unity Game Portfolio

Updates to Unity Game Portfolio

So I have added some more objects to my GameFolio scene with buildings, a well and a pier. The only thing is that I have been recycling/reusing all the textures I used in my first animation project (In 2011). I might have to go out and take some photos of some new textures when I get a chance.

JParkPic LakePic WellPicg

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Wow this is amazing

Originally posted on The Art of Rafael Grassetti:

Project i started in 2013 in collab with Igor Catto. We have been working together for the past couple of years so make sure you check out his work, he is one of the best character artist in this industry!

I blocked out the body and accessories and finished the detail and modeling with Igor. He worked on the highres…

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New Avi Model

So I have remodelled the Avi character that I created for the ongoing project of a virtual greeter. I reshaped the face to make it look nicer adding cheek bones and defining the lips. I also added more detail to the hair, I tried a a number of different ways to create hair. First I tried with simple polygon planes and transparency maps however I could not get it to look right. Next I tried using…

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Do you even taco bro? #cantaco #cancook #delicioso


So for my game portfolio I thought it would be fun to create a Jurassic park type thing for viewing with the Oculus rift.

Modular Geometry For my old horror game

Modular Geometry For my old horror game

Last year I made a horror game in Unity as part of an assignment for my Games Engine Programming class. This game used pre-made 3D content that I found online because we weren’t given enough time to create all the assets ourself. Plus we weren’t particularly marked on our in game assets but instead our gameplay, game elements and scripting skills.

Ever since the that class ended I have been…

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Game Portfolio Progress

Along with new objects and textures I have added some interactions with my renders displayed in the museum. When you approach the framed image in 3D space you are prompted to press R so that you can read about the project. This allows the users to learn more about the project so I can put in things like the date of completion and the software used. One problem I have found is that when exporting…

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